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Finally Free
I have good news for you: The power within you to change everything is here - the possibility is Now! There is nothing that can hold you back, there is nothing that will put the power of you on hold. The doorway to creating and having a more joyful life is through accessing the limitless possibilities that are always available to you. My classes and sessions awaken the power Within You (that you have always had) to change everything!!
All you have to do is choose it!

No one told me
Over 99% of people on this planet were not told of the true power and beauty that they have within them. We weren't told the truth because our parents weren't told the truth and neither were our Grandparents. We don't know exactly when the truth was lost, but it was a long, long time ago. We are so lucky to be alive right now, because now we are starting to remember that we have capacities and abilities beyond our wildest dreams!! 
No one told me when I was younger that I could have an extraordinary and magical everyday life and it took me 36 years to find out. That is why I am here to tell you about the possibilities that are all just waiting for you if you will step into them. I don't think anyone should have to wait another day!

Following Your Yes
Free phone class 

4 dates to choose from, or attend all 4

I believe this class is so important to each person's inner happiness and freedom that I decided to give this class away as my gift to each of you. Invite your friends, invite your family members, for this call will certainly change your life. You can attend one of the free classes or all 4, for hearing the information more than once will assist you on deeper and deeper levels.
Do you know that your body has an inner GPS System that will always guide you to the best choices and most generative outcomes? Your body functions from a state of vibration and harmony with nature, so it doesn't deal with the confusion or entanglement of the mind. It can detect whether a choice is in vibrational alignment with you, or when it's not. This is so absolutely profound! We may not have been given a guidebook when we entered this life, but we were given an inner compass, and this class is going to teach you how to use it. Following your inner guidance is so profound that I have decided to make this class available for free for everyone!! Everyone should know how to follow the wisdom within them! 

Monday, November 18th at 6:30 MST/ 8:30 EST

Monday, November 25th at 6:30 MST/ 8:30 EST

Sunday, December 1st at 4:00 MST/ 6:00 EST

Sunday, December 8th at 4:00 MST/ 6:00 EST

Sign up here for this free class and the call in information will be emailed to you 

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Creating Miracles in Your Relationship
 Phone Class
Upcoming ClassStarts Tuesday, November 5th!

You are the creator and co-creators of
your relationship!

What you think, do and say creates the atmosphere in which your relationship thrives or doesn't thrive.

It's up to you! It's up to both of you.

Release Judgment
Let go of the past
Expand into the Possibilities
Co - Create by Living in the Question

* What would it be like to receive your partner as new everyday instead of judging them for past occurrences?

 * What would it create if you circulated on the love and possibilities instead of what you think is missing or going wrong?
 * What would it take to let go of the energy struggle and step into a continuous space of joyful co-creation?

The time is now! We are changing the way we look at ourselves and each other. We are finding ways to express the true joy and expansion of being in relationship!
It's time to stop circulating in the old ideas and stuck energy so that we can all move forward together. There is no reason to stay stuck anymore, for there are proven ways of freeing the energy and enjoying this life in greater ways than we can imagine.

Take this class alone or with your partner. (The price includes your partner) It will be recorded and sent to you so that your partner can listen to the class if they are not on the phone with you.

This is not just a discussion, I will give you real tools that you can apply alone and together that will Create Miracles in Your Relationship!

This is a 4 part class so that you can apply the tools and then have another class in which to ask questions and reflect on how it is working.

Early Registration: ONLY $300 if payed by October 26th

After October 26th the price is $400

Tuesday, November 5 at 7:00 MDT (9:00 EST)
Tuesday, November 12 at 7:00 MDT
Tuesday, November 19 at 7:00 MDT
and Tuesday, November26 at 7:00 MDT

Each class is a life changing hour long!

Don't spend another day feeling heavy or confused about your relationship; get on the same page by stepping into the power of co-creating!

Register and Pay below

$300 per couple

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Release All of Your Old Stories and Set Yourself Free

Class starts on December 10th - phone class

Are you ready to let it all go?! Are you ready to release the solidification of all the old stories in your life that keep you circulating in an old way of being? 

Did you know that you can be free??

How did total freedom happen for me? My life moved from "trying to make it all work" to complete trust and communion with the moment in a matter of 2 months.

Would you like to feel these ways too??

- I am internally free and peaceful with myself and my life.

- I am at peace with the world around me including all past situations and occurrences. 

- Everything that I have dreamed of and desired continues to show up on a daily basis in miraculous ways... it's completely amazing!

How did I open the door to all the gifts of life that were waiting for me and receive the peace and joy that surpassed my hopeful visions?

I RELEASED ALL Of MY STORIES - that's how I did it! 

I let go and dissolved who I thought I was in my past, who I decided I was now and who I concluded I was going to be in the future. Once I did that all of the dreams of my heart began to materialize. I set everyone else free that played a part in all my experiences and in return I found total freedom. 

What if we don't have to live by and be imprisoned by our stories anymore?

What if there is another way to be and relate with the world around us?

What would it be like to trust the moment instead of continuously calculating how all your stories are unfolding in your mind?

This class will be a guide through all of it. It's time to let it all go and be the magnificence in each moment that you truly are!! 

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